1. Examples

This is a collection of input files for performing various calculations using the NRG Ljubljana code. Copy the "param" file to a working directory. Unless otherwise noted, the calculation is then performed by initializing the problem using "nrginit" and running the iteration using "nrgrun". Most output files are human readable and formatted for easy interpretation.


Single impurity Anderson model: param. Output: td, annotated.dat

Spectral function

Single impurity Anderson model: param.loop (this is a script!). Result (after post-processing): A(omega)


Single impurity Anderson model in magnetic field: param.loop (this is a script!). Result: G(T)

Dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT)

Hubbard model in the paramagnetic phase: param.loop (the full DMFT code is part of the NRG Ljubljana package, see subdir "dmft/"). Result: spectral function

2. Tutorials

Quantum dot with superconducting leads

Expectation values and sub-gap states
Simple spectral function calculation
Spectral function calculation with z-averaging
Two-lead calculation

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