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Legacy versions

  • 28.3.2019: Updated version
  • 30.1.2019: Updated version
  • 18.9.2018: Updated version
  • Building

    A step-by-step installation guide is available.

    It is also possible to compile NRG Ljubljana using the EasyBuild framework. Using EasyBuild, NRG Ljubljana can be fully built (including taking care of all dependencies except Mathematica) using the command eb --from-pr 4651. The easyconfig is available here. (Version

    A Docker container is available. Pull using docker pull rokzitko/nrg. (Version

    And there is a Singularity container as well. (Version Singularity itself can be obtained here. Installation instructions for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Install packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

    You might need a stand-alone NRG initialization code (Version For testing, here are three examples for performing a simple calculation using either a locally compiled NRG Ljubljana, the Singularity version, and the Docker version. The Docker version has been tested to work on Linux and MacOS operating systems.

    Examples and documentation

    Examples and tutorials (old, 2014)

    NRG tutorials at SISSA, June 2013: slides (ppt, pdf), tutorials (cca. 50 MB), solutions to some exercices (cca. 8 MB)

    Reference manual: (old, version from May 30, 2013)

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